A True Private Cloud for 10 to 10,000 users

Service Provider Edition puts you in charge

System console

Single pane-of-glass management
Using one screen, Service Providers can view all statistics on their service centrally.

Statistics which can be monitored are, live accounts, licenses in use, number of libraries (user folders), connected devices and storage used.

Granular management
Keep a check on how much storage every device and account is using. This is important so you manage account and device usage on your plans.

Everything audited
When something goes wrong you will need to analyse transactions via the full audit logging. If you need to check the last time a device last connected for fault finding; no problem, all device activity including device name, IP address and timestamp are tracked.

Analyse all metrics and be in control (Pro)

Monitor statistics online, or download data on bandwidth usage, storage usage and active users

Detailed reports of all usage
View live statistics and download stats on traffic, storage, file operations and connected users.

It is easy for a system’s resources to spiral out of control or a user to overuse their resources.

With FileSync you can view all bandwidth activity and storage used.

See who are the biggest consumers of resources
Quickly identify users on the system who might be breaching your fair-usage terms and creating bottlenecks which affect others user’s performance.

FileSync statistics

Deep analysis of users and storage

Identify who is using any of your resources in real time

Capture usage and upsell
All cloud backup services are sold on a in a combination of storage used, and accounts and devices accessing your service. With FileSync you can analyse all these usage parameters and use this data to offer more tailored services to your customers.

No data black holes
To be able to effectively manage your business, you need to have full insight of what is happening. Suspend overdue accounts and activate new users simple within a few clicks.

View and manage storage used by each user in real time.

Libraries and folders

Logical team and personal data management

Seamless syncing
When your local folders are synced to the FileSync system, they are called Libraries.

Folders and Libraries can be synced by multiple users, colleagues, and accounts into a single account. Users don’t need know where the data is stored, but they will know it is securely backed-up.

Who owns what?
With our advanced auditing you can view Library owners and which devices and users have accessed them.

FileSync sys admin

Device logging

Every device has an ID

Every device tracked
A single account can be accessed by different types of devices.

Very quickly one account can have 2 different PCs (work and home) and a few mobile devices connecting in. This can lead to data sprawl which requires granular auditing of device usage.

You can view device names, IP addresses, OS version and last access time. This will be important to you if you want to block access to, or remotely wipe a device.

Rebrand for your company

It's all in a name (Your Name)

Are you happy promoting someone else’s brand?
FileSync has a very similar feature set to Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. The biggest limitation of these systems is that you have no control over accounts and pricing. There are no rebranding options and you are always promoting someone else’s brand.

When you ask us to provide a hosted server or build the solution on your hardware, we will rebrand the service in your name.

What is rebranded?
> The Backup, Sync and Share URL
> Client software name and logo
> Online portal name, logo and images
> Email alerts

Why Resell another cloud?

Resell your own service and be in charge of pricing and tech​

Traditional reselling of cloud storage and backup is fundamental to any MSP’s portfolio of services. You sign up to a service to resell another company’s tech and promote their brand whilst being told which plans you can sell and at what price.

Is now the time you take charge and decide which services you provide, at your price, and whilst promoting your company?

Your Solution

With our Service Provider Edition of FileSync you become a top level distributor and decide how to provide the backup and sync services to your customers. You provide the service to any type of customer, be it your own colleagues and staff, your existing customers, other MSPs, or to anyone else who wants the service. Once running, the system can easily replace any existing file server with more features and functionality than you will find elsewhere.

The service is designed to scale from 100 devices and users upwards and with unlimited storage.

If you want to be in control of your MSP business and profit, contact us for a demo. We will also give you 5-day access to a fully functioning FileSync server running in the cloud.

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