Multi-Platform Backup, Sync and Share

Backup, Sync, and Share using our lightweight application

Team collaboration as standard
We don’t do personal accounts. Instead every account has access to our enterprise features and security.

Lightweight and fast backups and restores
Within minutes of installing our lightweight application your critical data will start seamlessly streaming up to the cloud and be stored in 3 separate storage units.

You can instantly start sharing your data as a read only or read \ write.

Changes you make to your data are backed-up immediately and displayed in order of backup date.

If your main device fails, simply install our application onto any device and start restoring your data. If you need to get back critical data immediately, you can do that instantly via the server portal.

One application does it all
View all your backup-up folders, shared data, and activities in one place in one application. The desktop software shows the live status of all synced libraries (folders).
Realtime reporting of upload and download speeds in shown in the bottom right.
Instantly jump to the local cached data or to your data in the cloud.
If any errors occur, these are clearly shown and can be quickly shared with our support.

A local search facility allows you to quickly find local files and access them without having to leave the interface.

Seamless management from local to cloud

Switch between local data and our cloud service with one click


Seamless management from local to cloud

Share and process your data your way

Easy-to-use software

Traditional backups are great for disaster recovery, but a cloud backup service like ours is necessary if you want to backup your data and share it with other people and devices.

Sharing data is secure and efficient using FileSync. You can share your data with any external contact, set a password before the file can be opened and set an expiration date on the link.

If you are sharing data regularly with colleagues, you can simply send them a basic link which will grant them permanent access if they have the correct permissions. Access can be revoked anytime.

Turn your system into a knowledge base where you share selected content with the world and allow them to save data directly into your system.


Security is our number one priority

As you would expect from any system. your data is always secured. You can add an extra layer of security when you create a library by enabling a personal encryption password.

This password is never transmitted to our service and can’t be compromised.

All data is encrypted before being transferred to us. It remains encrypted whilst it is stored on our service and during a restore.

Private encryption in library

View historical and deleted data

Your data is there even when it isn't

No backup system is complete without the ability to restore deleted data. You can easily restore deleted files or any version of your live data which has been backed up.

Recover from ransomware in 2 minutes

Don't pay that ransom!!

Say NO to Ransomware

All FileSync services allow you to revert to a previous snapshot before the time your data was encrypted.

You can do this yourself on any server we provide or on your own private cloud for free. We can do this for you if you are using the Business Edition and a fee applies.

Click on the image to see how you can recover your own data after a successful ransomware attack.
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